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This beautiful leather Journal has Southern Pacific railway system map of the San Francisco area etched in it.  I love it and it will become a companion to the other  beautiful leather Journal I've been carrying  for years now. 
<![CDATA[A Plathian Christmas]]>Wed, 26 Dec 2018 16:01:47 GMThttp://michaelwells.ink/poet-notes/a-plathian-christmas
Two very thoughtful gifts from my wife, Cathy.  I now have both volumes of the Letters of Sylvia Plath. 

​Going into the holiday was kind of rocky as I was ill between Thursday and basically Sunday and part of Monday. My eyes hurt too much to even read so I felt like those were days of waste. But, I'm back and ready to meet life head on. 
<![CDATA[Journal bits 11-13-18]]>Wed, 14 Nov 2018 16:09:29 GMThttp://michaelwells.ink/poet-notes/journal-bits-11-13-18]]><![CDATA[Looking away from every page before...]]>Tue, 23 Oct 2018 14:09:58 GMThttp://michaelwells.ink/poet-notes/looking-away-from-every-page-beforeReading  and Workshop by Lola Haskins this past weekend. Her reading was very intimate - she did not read from the page, but from her heart. 

​Saturday's workshop allowed me to look at the possible and away from every page up to this point. This was a good thing. 
<![CDATA[October Promises to be Busy Month]]>Sat, 13 Oct 2018 15:59:55 GMThttp://michaelwells.ink/poet-notes/october-promises-to-be-busy-month
  • A lot on my  plate this month. Already read at Corbin Theater open mic in Liberty, Missouri
  • Workshop with Lola Haskins at the Writers Place  + Lola's reading
  • Master Class with Laura Kasischke at UMKC  + Laura's reading
  • Couple of additional open mics - one at the Writers Place and Uptown Arts Bar

<![CDATA[Journal Bits - August 2018]]>Mon, 10 Sep 2018 06:00:00 GMThttp://michaelwells.ink/poet-notes/journal-bits-august-2018
  • Winds out of the west came across the peninsula, rose over Hunter's Point and slammed hard downward into the park making for chilled night games.
  • The smell of tomato vines on my hands reminds me how much I lover fried green tomatoes. 
  • Water colored eyes blurred...
  • ...until we / fell apart, but barely / still holding onto that / broken pretzel. / Letting go was the hardest.
  • You thought when you became an adult you would move your family into a compound. Maybe like the Kennedy's.
  • As a child I was anxious to grow up. I realize now this was not so much to grow up as it was to escape childhood
  • If you don't  feel you have an introvert self, pretend to have one and seek quiet refuge some place all along. Recharge your spirit / battery.
  • This was what I wanted to do. Saw pretty women in half and make money change hands.
  • Today is a hallucination / or a dry run at something solicitous.
<![CDATA[Chicago Vacation]]>Wed, 01 Aug 2018 16:37:36 GMThttp://michaelwells.ink/poet-notes/chicago-vacation
This July we made a short trip to Chicago. Focus was on Lake Michigan and the beaches.  My granddaughter wanted to go see what a beach was all about.  She's nearly  four and she would come over and play in the back yard occasionally in areas where the grass was sparse or non-existent. This would become her beach. Oh, the imagination of children. 

It was also an opportunity to take myself out of the normal routine, open my minds and I admit I did some writing but this past month was a period of struggle for my writing. I had to discipline myself to write even if it wasn't for publication. Even if what was coming out  left something to be desired. So, I wrote in spite of everything.

We had some rain and overcast skies part of the time, but regardless, the sky and water all came together at a seam in the distance and this expanse did give rise to a number of ideas for projects going forward. 

I can't exactly say that I returned refreshed and relaxed, but I came back transformed in some capacity. I'm still to define in my own mind how that is, a week later.